A new Children's Theatre Suite for Tayside Children's Hospital

Emily's story - an archie ambassador:

The care children receive here in Tayside Children's Hospital is incredible, we're rightly proud of those high standards and the entire team work exceptionally hard to sustain that. But all the care, love and dedication in the world can't transform the physical environment. It can't create extra capacity and it can't give children and families the space they need when their child is having an operation - one of the most daunting experiences a child can have.

This appeal, with your support, can change all of that. Please join us and help make this vision for our local children a reality. 

appeal History

A message from the children's hospital

Hear about the difference The ARCHIE Foundation has made for patients elsewhere.

Our appeal

We're aiming to raise a huge £2m to make an enormous difference. We're working with NHS Tayside to make sure every penny donated makes a difference over and above the NHS provision.

Read our appeal launch booklet here:

Dr Fiona Drimmie
Consultant Neonatologist and
Clinical Director for Paediatrics

The ARCHIE Foundation (Tayside) 

our vision

We want every child from Tayside to have the best possible facilities when they need an operation. World-class spaces for them and their worried families. 

  1. 2012 - The ARCHIE Foundation is approached by Tayside Children's Hospital to review potential for development.
  2. 2013 - Detailed work is carried out by an NHS Tayside team and Senior Management of the charity to assess where the biggest difference can be made by the charity. 
  3. 2014 -In January the work has developed sufficiently to allow an agreement to be signed confirming the partnership and agreeing a timescale to complete detailed assessments, patient journey assessments and review of areas for development.
  4. 2014 - In November the work is complete, the clear difference identified and The Courier signed up to support - so the appeal is launched!

what can I do?

Whatever you do - please do something for local children! Fundraise, donate, get sponsored - no matter what you do it all counts towards our vision of an incredible new facility.